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Balttour Business Forum is a unique event in the Baltic regions' tourism industry. Entering the active tourist season, Balttour Forum provides ample opportunities for tourism professionals to get to know the most relevant industry trends, to draw in new business development ideas and establish useful professional contacts.

This year, when the new European geopolitical conditions strengthened, changes in the region's airlines composition occurred, important infrastructure projects are been implemented , the most important is to create tourism services that are not only up to date and competitive, but are able to generate high added value, thereby creating the most profit to their developers. So the main themes of Balttour Business Forum this year are MICE tourism and medical tourism.

Primary Audience: tourism and transport companies, medical establishments, hotels and other tourist accommodation, venues, investors, state and local governments, tourism professionals.

Related sectors: investment, real estate, insurance, passenger transport, medicine, education, etc.


1. Seminar programme, it's aimed to promote the tourism business growth, the development of industry within the region and increase the flow of tourists to the Baltic countries.

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